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Metal processing on CNC machines

VISION - machines that work optimally. We work on this every day and it is also our mission.

Technology and products at the highest level


We always support our team of experts with the latest technologies that make us a flexible and reliable partner valued by customers from various industrial sectors throughout Europe. We offer solutions for making complicated pieces, collect measurement data, monitor the process and optimization.

We plan, develop and implement according to your requirements and plans.

Our employees rely on constant improvement activities, team work, they approach work with exceptional dedication, which gives excellent results in the end.

We have CNC machines for all types of metal processing. We provide services for individual and serial production of machine parts, complete production of more or less complex products, as well as individual stages of processing according to the customer’s needs. We produce components from various materials: aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, plastic, etc.

CNC machining is a production process where the raw material is removed using precise cutting tools to obtain the desired product.


We offer precise processing with quality tools. We have several CNC milling machines that are used for the production of various products


Professional sanding and polishing of irregular edges, polishing of certain parts to be sanded


Sustav za kontrolu kvalitete i procesa

Veliku važnost u poslovanju naše tvrtke ima kontrola kvalitete:

  • Incoming quality control – prevents the entry of raw materials and semi-finished products with errors
  • Control during work – during work, we control the product and the process itself: auto-control of the worker himself, control of every first piece
  • Phase control of positions after a certain operation
  • Final control – we minimize the possibility of a product with an error going out..

With our control system, we ensure 100% product quality control, regular inspection of components and the possibility of creating a measurement report on the 3D MITUTOYO Crysta plis M measuring machine.

We measure all types of dimensions such as length, width, angle, radius and all types of shapes with high accuracy. We visually inspect the given surface or part of the surface defects and abnormalities. Advantages:

  • High accuracy
  • Quick review time

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